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2018 Pelicam International Film Festival, Tulcea, Romania
2017 TV broadcast, Nationwide, The Netherlands  

Television series episode

VPRO Tegenlicht: The value of nature

Director | Editor | Cinematographer


The earth is in urgent need of a solid scenario for the future. Centuries of capitalist exploitation has left our natural environment exhausted. We not only need plans to preserve nature, but also need to find ways to sustainably manage our preservation efforts. It has been estimated that the preservation of the earth’s ecosystems costs 300 billion dollars annually. With only 51 billion dollar available, how do we bridge the gap? In a society driven by economic incentives, more and more people gather around the idea to give nature a monetary value. By defining how nature serves us and by calculating a price for those services, we can estimate the value of our natural capital. But how reliable is it to enable nature to be treated as a commodity, in a market system that arguably has failed to benefit us all?